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Does Google Trust Your New Website?

Trust written in sand

When starting a new website, whether it is for an established business or a new business, it is natural to want the website to be found on search engines. And when I say search engines, I mostly mean Google. I’m often asked “how long will it take to reach number one on the search results?”. … Read more

Lost Login For .au Domain Name

Getting the .au domain name for your business is a simple yet important step in establishing and protecting your business identity and brand. Registering isn’t forever and renewal is required within a year, or a few years if you initially register for a longer term. Moreton Bay Websites looks after the domain names of almost … Read more

How To Delegate Domain Access In Your GoDaddy Account

GoDaddy delegate settings page

Moreton Bay Websites may need access to your domain name account with GoDaddy. This is so we can manage the domain on your behalf, such as adding DNS A records, updating SPF records. This is done by using the Delegate Access feature in GoDaddy. It lets someone perform actions on your behalf without giving them … Read more

Create A Google Analytics 4 Web Stream Property

Google Analytics graphic

This tutorial shows the steps to create a Google Analytics 4 property for your website. The steps can equally be used for a new website or creating a new property to replace the outgoing Univeral Analytics on an existing website. Google Analytics 4, or GA4 for short, was released in October 2020 as the latest … Read more

Use Your Own Domain With Free Outlook Email

Outlook using own domain name started in the mid-1990s and changed how email was used, providing freedom from being locked into an email address provided by the ISP you used. In 18 months, Hotmail grew to over 8.5 million subscribers when Microsoft bought it. Over time, Hotmail transitioned to Windows Live Hotmail running on Microsoft technology, and nearly 20 … Read more

Better Passwords in 2020

An eight number secure combination lock showing the word PASSWORD instead of numbers

Everyone is are aware that having passwords to secure our online accounts is important. Most of us know passwords should be something hard to guess. Many of us have a few passwords used for different types of accounts where we use, for example, a password for banking, another for social media, one for email, and … Read more

How To Get The EPP Code From GoDaddy

GoDaddy domain get authorization code

When transferring a domain name you will likely be asked for an EPP Code. As with many things in IT, it may be known by a different name, such as an Auth Code, Authorization Code, or something more general like a domain password. What is an EPP Code? An EPP Code is a password used … Read more

Does A Small Business Need A Website?

Card purchase from online business website

In the technology era, having a web presence is one of the most useful assets for small businesses to get themselves known. Most Australians use the internet on a daily basis and 81% of Australians access the internet with a mobile device. With so many people accessing the internet on a mobile device, it is … Read more