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Does A Small Business Need A Website?

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In the technology era, having a web presence is one of the most useful assets for small businesses to get themselves known.

Most Australians use the internet on a daily basis and 81% of Australians access the internet with a mobile device. With so many people accessing the internet on a mobile device, it is no wonder that 65% used their phones to find information on products and services.

There are interesting statistics in the 2018 Yellow Pages Digital Report. On average, internet usage on a mobile phone (for all types of use) is 82%. Between the ages of 18 to 49, it is over 90%. Incidentally, from this age group, over 80% have made purchases in the previous 12 months.

The most common use of a tablet by Australians is to look for information of a product or service and it is used fairly evenly across the age groups from 18 to 65.

Word of mouth is still a great way to get new customers. This too is moving to the internet with reviews on Google and Facebook being an influence on purchasers.

A common conversation in Facebook community groups is “where is the best butcher?”, “who has the best fish and chips?”, or “does anyone know a good tradie?”.

Benefits of having a website

There are several benefits for small businesses to have a website. While there are other ways for your business to have a web presence, such as a Facebook page and other social platforms, your own website sets your own identity.

Rubidyn discussed this issue in an article asking if there is value in having a website if you already have a Facebook page. If goes further in that not everyone uses Facebook while most use Google to search for things.

A website makes your business more accessible for customers and helps to establish trust that you are a genuine business. Having your own domain name (i.e. also allows you to have your own email address that further provides a professional impression.

Grabbing the phone to find details about your business is now the normal way to find the address, contact details, or information about your products and services. Not many people pick up the yellow pages and haven’t for a number of years now.

Small Business Websites

Moreton Bay Websites can help your business establish a web presence with a new website. If you are worried about how much it will cost or don’t want the hassle of having to look after it, our WordPress Hosting Packages are designed for you.

As an example, our starter package can have your small business website up and running for around three hundred dollars.

This includes the setup fee, registration of a domain name (starting from $15), and the first month or two of hosting. We look after your website and minor updates are included.

We also make sure your website is set up to be found, listed with Google and directories such as Yellow Pages and True Local, and your SEO titles and descriptions are set up correctly.

Get in touch with us to see how we can get your business website online.