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How To Change Your Facebook Page URL

Facebook Page Settings Username Edit

If you are new to creating a Facebook page for your business, it can be overwhelming to find where the various features and settings to make the page look like yours. The page URL Some of the settings are obvious or typically easy to setup when a new Facebook page is being created, such as … Read more

Does Google Trust Your New Website?

Trust written in sand

When starting a new website, whether it is for an established business or a new business, it is natural to want the website to be found on search engines. And when I say search engines, I mostly mean Google. I’m often asked “how long will it take to reach number one on the search results?”. … Read more

How To Delegate Domain Access In Your GoDaddy Account

GoDaddy delegate settings page

Moreton Bay Websites may need access to your domain name account with GoDaddy. This is so we can manage the domain on your behalf, such as adding DNS A records, updating SPF records. This is done by using the Delegate Access feature in GoDaddy. It lets someone perform actions on your behalf without giving them … Read more

New .au Direct Domain Names From March 2022

Originally meant to arrive the first half of 2020, new second level .au domain names it is finally happening. Domain names will be available for purchase from 24th March 2022, with preference given to existing third level .au domain name holders. Second Level and Third Level .au Domain Names Third level .au domain names are … Read more

Scarborough Seaside Flowers

Scarborough Seaside Flowers website portfolio images of desktop and mobile view Scarborough Seaside Flowers is a boutique florist along the cafĂ© strip in Scarborough. In addition to delivering market-fresh flowers to the Redcliffe Peninsula, they offer in-store giftware, homewares, and fashion accessories. With a good following on Facebook and Instagram, the part missing was a website to bring it together and somewhere for customers to … Read more

Website Link on Facebook Posts

Facebook Create Post dialog with a simple web page link

Using social media such as Facebook to create interest in your business and the products or services is a proven and valuable way to reach potential customers and create leads to your online store. An online store, such as using WooCommerce on a WordPress website, works best when potential customers visit the store. They can’t … Read more

Connect Your Online Store with Facebook for WooCommerce

Facebook for WooCommerce Getting Started screen

If you are using WordPress and WooCommerce to sell products on your website, connecting your online store to Facebook and Instagram can give a boost to your eCommerce business. Why Connect WooCommerce to Facebook and Instagram? Social media is really popular. Millions of us use it in Australia and nearly one third of use check … Read more

Add An Admin or Editor to A Facebook Page

List of Facebook Pages user has access to

Adding an additional Admin or Editor to a Facebook page can help share the work on maintaining it, or give access to someone to help manage the page for you. To give someone a role, you will need to be an admin of the page yourself. Facebook Page Settings On the left menu (or under … Read more

Walker Certification

Walker Certification website portfolio images of desktop and mobile view Walker Certification, based on the north side of Brisbane, is all about safety, lifting, and certification of lifting and safety equipment. They cover the supply of lifting and safety equipment as well as inspection, testing, certification, and tagging services. They can repair and test equipment to re-enter into service, and where possible, it is … Read more