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New .au Direct

Released 24th March 2022, the new shorter Australian domain names are for everybody.

To celebrate, we are offering new .au domain names for $11. Secure your brand with the new .au domain name.

If you have an existing,, or domain name, you may have priority status to register the shorter .au domain name now. View our article about the new .au Direct domain names for more information.

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Having your own domain name can help your customers recognise and find your website easier. It is your online business address, uniquely identifying you on the Internet.

It supports your brand and helps promote your business, and your domain name can be included on business cards, brochures, billboards, and other promotional material. People will remember your name more easily and will help with searching when the domain name is the same as your business name.

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Australian Domain Names

Australians are more comfortable dealing with a local company and an Australian domain name helps identify you as an Australian business. Getting an .au domain name lets your customers know you’re a legitimate Australian business.

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.au Direct

Released in March 2022, .au Direct is general purpose available for anyone with an Australian connection of some sort. It can be used for an online presence of individuals, organisations, or anything else as long as it is a verifiable connection to Australia. domain name logo


The most familiarly known Australian domain name, is for commercial entities such as companies and businesses. An ABN or ACN is typically needed to verify eligibility. For businesses in Australia, is generally the first choice for use.

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The domain name based on is also for commercial entities such as companies and businesses, and similarly need an ABN or ACN to verify eligibility. It is less commonly used to, usually as an alternative when the domain name has already been taken.

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For use by charities and non-profit organisations, the domain names are only available to those types of entities. The organisation or association identity needs to be verified to be able to register it.

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For use by incorporated associations, political parties, trade unions, sporting and special interest clubs. An association does not have to be non-profit for the domain name to be registered, however, it needs to be an association entity.

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As it suggests, the domain name is for individual persons. The individual must be a citizen or resident of Australia and the domain name must exactly or closely match the name of the person.

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