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Unrecognised Credit Card Business Names

This is a list of names found on credit card transactions that don’t match the name of the business. This often happens when the merchant name used for the machine to process credit cards is different from the name displayed at the site of the business.

If you have an unrecognised name on your credit card statement, you may find it here. The list started from my own frustration with bizarre names on my statement. Additional names have been suggested or asked of and added to the list.

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This list is for businesses operating in the Moreton Bay Region where the name displayed on credit card statements are different or confusing compared to the business name they are known as.

Do you have names of businesses with different or confusing names on your credit card statement and is not listed here? Tell us about it in the comments below and we will add them to the list.

wdt_ID Name On Statement Business Name Suburb Notes
1 AMELVI PTY LTD The Old Corner Shop Espresso Bar Margate cnr Victoria Ave & Dunbar St
2 AZMAN HAROON Chemist Warehouse North Lakes North Lakes
3 B & C INVESTMENTS EATONS HILL IGA Eatons Hill Eatons Hill Unconfirmed
4 BR CLONTARF Baskin and Robins Clontarf Clontarf
5 BRATALAM PTY LTD Peninsula Landscape Centre Clontarf
6 CLONTARF B/SHOP CLON Warehouse Liquor Clontarf
9 DALJAS INVESTMENTS STRATHPINE Pandora Strathpine Strathpine
10 DEUTIBAJAI PTY LTD Craft Burger and Beer Clontarf
11 DHAMI SERVICES P/L Metro Petroleum Clontarf Clontarf
12 FENER FRUIT PTY LTD ROTHWELL AUS Northside Discount Fruitbarn Rothwell Closed, now Skippys Market Fresh
14 G-MORE PTY LTD IGA North Lakes North Lakes Also possibly IGA North Buderim
15 HAP & CAP ENTERPRISE SCARBOROUGH Bay Boats Cornershop & Takeaway Scarborough
16 HASHTAGDREAMS PTY LTD Mr Henderson's Bar Sandgate
17 KAMI AND CO PTY LTD REDCLIFFE AUS My Greek Cuzina (and Ceylon Inn Classic Curries) Redcliffe Closed
18 KKM MANAGEMENT Coffee Club Redcliffe Closed
19 LENNOX FOODS PTY LTD Il Forno Pizzeria Sandgate
20 LEVI & MIA PTY LTD REDCLIFFE Cactus Jacks Redcliffe
21 MAB INVSTMNTS QLD PL IGA Boondall Boondall
22 MADRA REDCLIFFE PTY LT Banjos Bakery Redcliffe
23 MARUCA HOLDINGS PTY LT Liberty Deception Bay Service Station Deception Bay
24 METRO PETROLEUM MARYBOROUGH Metro Petroleum Clontarf Clontarf
25 MIMEWAY PTY LTD Nuway Landscape Supplies, Pavers & Walls Brendale Mango Hill, Burpengary, other locations
26 MUNG SUWAN PTY LTD Peninsula Asian Supermarket Redcliffe Closed
27 NATIVE GARDENS Native Gardens Pure Honey Redcliffe Markets
28 P & L CHIDIAC PTY LT REDCLIFFE Pita Kebab & Grill Redcliffe
29 Q1 AUSTRALIA PTY LTD Friendly Grocer Scarborough Beach Scarborough
30 R & S (CLONTARF) PL CLONTARF AUS Dominos Pizza Clontarf Clontarf
31 REDCLIFFE DOLPH DDS REDCLIFFE Discount Drug Stores - Redcliffe Dolphins Redcliffe
32 SAJH PTY LTD Cafe 63 Redcliffe Based on address, no ABN for SAJH Pty Ltd
33 SHILOH & CO PTY. LTD Cafe Diversity Redcliffe
34 VANGURU PTY LTD SPAR Caboolture (McKean St) Caboolture
35 MANDIP SINGH SAND Sandgate Bakehouse Sandgate
36 SOUTH EAST FOODS SER Red Rooster Redcliffe Redcliffe
37 LIN & WENG PTY LTD KIPPA-RING Chopstix Kippa-Ring Kippa-Ring
38 HIBERNIAN QLD FRIEND SCARBOROUGH Ballycara Coffee Bar Scarborough Scarborough
39 BW ROTHWELL Battery World Rothwell Rothwell
40 SHAWETA PTY LTD KIPPA RING Mop Top Barbershop Kippa-Ring
41 ANPK PTY LTD Bayside Kebab & Spicy Eastern Restaurant Clontarf
42 Sq *1eight Mango Hill Escape Parks Clontarf (Bells Caravan Park) Clontarf Possibly Toorbul Caravan Park
43 WW HANA PTY LTD Hana Hair Studio Murrumba Downs
44 NEESH BAR EAST BRISBA Redcliffe Gold Club Clontarf
Name On Statement Business Name Suburb Notes

The list below are unrecognised credit card names that were asked about but ended up being outside the Moreton Bay Region.

Name on Statement Name of the Business Suburb
LIV*SPRINGMOUNT PLHoney B’sPetrie Terrace
Head Mares SS1 YatalaZoggs AustraliaYatala

78 thoughts on “Unrecognised Credit Card Business Names”

    • Hi Steve, this was a little tricky to locate but I found Bratalam Pty Ltd is an organisational representative of Peninsula Landscape Centre. Both have the same registered address, 55 Grace St, Clontarf QLD 4019.

  1. I have SAJH PTY LTD Redcliffe on my credit card and I can’t work out who they are. Are you able to help me?

  2. Hey guys, does anybody know the business G-More at North Lakes? Seems to be on Endeavour Boulevard. Have a transaction on my statement, but have never been to North Lakes in my life. I can’t seem to find a trading name for the business, only the registered business name. Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks all.

    • This is a tough one but I did find a reference to the name in Buderim Everfresh Food Market. The company “G-More” is registered in North Lakes since September 2020 but it was previously in Buderim, and Hervey Bay and Rockhampton before that. G-More is referenced on a document from Adcome Pty Ltd, owner of Cornetts and Everfresh Food Markets, specifically referencing Buderim Everfresh Food Market. It is very likely they now have the North Lakes IGA store (which isn’t listed on the IGA website yet). Have you been to IGA in North Lakes?

  3. Hello on the 26/04/2021 I had $41.50 taken out of my account by D&G dream investments Clontarf could you tell me why this happened and can I get my money back pls

    • Hi Roger, D&G Dream Investments Clontarf is the IGA at Clontarf. We only list unrecognised names and show who they actually are, we don’t have any affiliation with any of them. If you haven’t been to IGA then you could go to them to discuss it or with your bank. All the best.

  4. We have recently had the name Vanguru Pty Ltd come up quite frequently and we cant place it on our credit card statement

    • Hi Kathleen, I can’t find much for Vanguru Pty Ltd. They are a registered company with an ACN of 630255515 with a registered office in North Lakes, however, they don’t appear to have a business name registered or associated with the ACN. I found a reference to 73 King Street Caboolture and possibly related to graphic design, although this may be inaccurate or not current. Does this help in any way?

  5. Thank you, this site was helpful in sorting out an unusual transaction. Everything was legit. I just wanted to say thanks

  6. G-more Pty Ltd North Lakes Au: is also IGA in North Buderim. I just spent an hour web search and 2 phone calls to work that one out!

    • Thanks Sylvia, the frustration is real! IGA North Buderim has been added to the G-MORE PTY LTD entry, hopefully it will help others in the future. I wonder if Hervey Bay and/or Rockhampton still show G-MORE PTY LTD as well.

  7. Thank you! I was about to RIDE HARD for “Levi & Mia” and your website showed me it’s cactus jacks…. We ordered takeout last night. 😂

    Thank you!

  8. B & C Investments Eatons Hill is IGA Eatons Hill. Daljas investments Strathpine is Pandora. Stone law Trading Morayfield is Nextra newsagents. Mimeway Pty ltd is Nuway landscaping.

    • Thanks Harry, all has been added except for Stone Law Trading as I can’t find any references to the name. I did find a Stoneclaw Trading Pty Ltd in the general area. Could this be it? Are you able to send us a screenshot or similar? Our email address is on the contact page.

  9. Thank you so much for this site. It seems each month I’m finding more names on my statement that I don’t recognise so much appreciated!

    • Hi Brad,
      I don’t know who Hap & Cap Enterprise are but I suspect it isn’t Bay Boats. This is the information I could find.

      They are not GST registered but were between 2000 and 2009.
      They have had two business names previously, The Intuitive Way and H2OK, however, both names ended before 2004.
      I found a couple of addresses, one for North Quay Scarborough and another in Newport Drive, Newport. There was a change of address early in 2021.
      Both addresses could be a registered office and not the main place for trading, so it may not be where the purchase was done.

      I hope this helps in working out who they are. If you find out, can you let us know?

      All the best, Brent

  10. Can anyone please help with BR CLONTAF? The ABN doesn’t give much info. Hoping someone else has recognised it on their statement?

    • I can’t find definitive information but I did find Deborah Haren is a sole trader with a current ABN number. There was an associated business name from 2017 to 2019, The Hideaway Scarborough, which was a restaurant. Possibly a cafe or restaurant with a different name? Maybe a mobile coffee van?

  11. Hiya Just purchased bathers on-line from Zoggs. On my Credit card its listed as Head Mares SS1 Yatala. It took me a long while and a little research to understand that this is a diving outfit attached to Zoggs (Australian) swimwear. Hope this helps others. Cheers.

    • Thanks Gwynneth, interestingly the entity owning the Zoggs Australian name was Mares Oceania Pty Ltd, now Head Oceania Pty Ltd, both names used in the credit card description. It is a little out of the Moreton Bay area but I have added it to the list outside of the region.

  12. This site helped me with reconciling a business, so I will give back with two that are not listed here yet:

    HIBERNIAN QLD FRIEND SCARBOROUGH == Ballycara Coffee Bar Scarborough
    LIN & WENG PTY LTD KIPPA-RING == Chopstix Kippa-Ring


  13. BW ROTHWELL ROTHWELL == Battery World Rothwell
    HENG SHUN PTY LTD MARGATE == Healthy Noodle Bar Margate
    JAD FRESH PTY LTD ROTHWELL == Carl’s Jr. Rothwell


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