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Sorrento Boutique

Sorrento Boutique website portfolio images of desktop and mobile view

Sorrento Boutique is a supplier of special wear for little people. Dresses and clothing for christenings, special occasions, communions and confirmations is their specialty, along with the accessories and keepsakes to go with them.

Sorrento Boutique has over 400 products available online in over 40 categories. There are more when you count variations of the products.

While the design of the previous website was okay it had a few areas where things could be improved. The hosting performance was a concerning problem with backups timing out and failing to complete. The website wasn’t as snappy as it should be either.

A new website was created with a similar look and feel with a few improvements, such as some white text that would appear over a white background effectively hiding it. New hosting with Moreton Bay Websites greatly improved the website speed and backups are given enough time to complete on a regular schedule.

Creating a new website was a good opportunity to get rid of old information and improve a few things for SEO at the same time.

WooCommerce Cart Totals with Australia Post and Afterpay

Sorrento Boutique’s new website is running on the latest version of WordPress, has security features configured, backups reliably run, and the peace of mind that it is kept up to date on a regular basis with the managed hosting package.

The online eCommerce shopping features have been updated to the latest version of WooCommerce with additional functionality for comparing products and adding products to a wishlist so customers can come back and find them later if they are not ready to purchase straight away.

It wouldn’t be complete without integrated postage calculations with Australia Post when delivery is selected, based on the weight of the products. The increasingly popular AfterPay was added later as an additional payment option for customers.

Sorrento Boutique’s website is now faster and the Managed WordPress Package with hosting included is for a price similar to the cost of hosting alone of the old site.