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How To Change Your Facebook Page URL

If you are new to creating a Facebook page for your business, it can be overwhelming to find where the various features and settings to make the page look like yours. The page URL

Some of the settings are obvious or typically easy to setup when a new Facebook page is being created, such as the name of the page, the profile picture, and cover photo. The Bio lets you define some extra details, such as the category, services and service area, contact information, and website details.

But how do you change the URL of the page so it does not look like the following link? looks nicer than the random numbers above. Unfortunately, the location to change the URL isn’t obvious. This is partly because the name of the setting isn’t obvious. It is called Username, something usually associated with your login, and maybe displayed as in your profile to other users. In Facebook, username is used to form your page’s Facebook URL.

To go directly to this page, use this link to the General Page Settings where the Username setting is located. So you don’t have to keep coming back to here, below are the steps to get to the setting.

Use the Facebook Page Profile

Select Facebook Profile

The assumption is you are an owner of the page, because only owners can change the Username setting. You also need to be using the profile of the page. The profile picture of the page you are going to change the URL for needs to be selected and displayed.

If you haven’t already changed to the page profile, change your profile to the page. To do this, click on the profile button in the top-right corner.

How To Find The Facebook Username Setting

The first step is to go to the Settings page. There is more than one way to go there, however, for this tutorial we’ll use the link found under the profile icon. The profile icon is at the top-right corner of the page. Click on the profile icon, select the Settings & Privacy option, then select the Settings option, taking you to the settings.

Select Settings and Privacy menu on Facebook
Settings & privacy
Select Settings menu on Facebook

If you want to go to the settings page directly, use this link to the Settings page.

Page Setup page

From the Settings & privacy menu on the left, click on the Page setup menu option.

The page setup options are shown on the right with the top option Name. Click on View to the right of Name to display the General Page settings.

Facebook Page Setup page

General Page Settings page

The General Page settings page shows the Name and Username settings. Click on the Edit link to the right of Username to change it.

Facebook Page Settings page

Enter in the new Username and click on the Save changes button. The Username needs to be unique. If it the name has already been taken, an alternate username may be needed. In the example below, brownsigns was already used so it was changed to brownsignsau to make it unique.

Facebook Page Settings Username Edit

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