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New .au Domain Names

In the first half of 2020, auDA will be opening up second level domain names for registration to businesses with an Australian presence. It is a new domain extension that will be sort after by Australian businesses.

For example, Moreton Bay Websites will be able to register the shorter domain name instead of using the longer

Getting a domain name for your business is an important part of establishing the branding for your business and securing your business’s identity on the internet.

For Australian businesses, this usually involves getting one or more domain extensions. is the usual domain extension chosen and maybe if the domain name is already taken. Often the .com domain name is secured as well to help protect your brand.

Originally due in 2019, the release of second level .au domain names has been delayed for further consultation to ensure the changes are understood and the industry is ready to support.

Who Can Have A New .au Domain Name?

To be eligible for a new .au domain name you need to have an Australian presence. This means you need to be a registered business in Australia with a current ABN or ACN, be a permanent Australian citizen, or a foreign business with an Australian trademark.

If you already have a third level .au domain name, such as or, preference will be offered to you for the second level domain name during an application period. After the application period, the domain name will be available to anyone who is eligible.

The second level domain name could be offered to more than one person holds the same name for different third level domain extensions. If two or more applies for the name, a conflict resolution will be required. The process for conflict resolution is not yet formalised, however, this process is likely to be negotiated between the interested parties.

What Is the Price Of .au Domain Names?

At this time, we do not know what the price of new .au domain names will be. Currently, existing third level .au domain names with Moreton Bay Websites, such as and, are $15.00 per year. It is likely pricing will be similar or the same as the other .au domain names when they are introduced.

Should You Get A New .au Domain Name?

Absolutely. Your brand should be protected and internet users will become accustomed to using the shorter .au domain names.

How quickly the uptake of the new .au domain names is will need to be seen. Two thirds of businesses surveyed by auDA said they would register a .au domain name if setting up a new website so there is interest in using the shorter names.

Existing businesses may be more reserved changing their existing websites initially. As the .au domain name becomes more common and internet users become more familiar with using the shorter .au website names, existing websites that haven’t already moved will follow too.

Getting the .au domain name does not mean you have to have a new website. Existing websites can simply redirect the shorter domain name to their existing domain name as an initial update. The existing website can be changed to .au and the existing name redirected to the new one.

I have missed out on getting domain names taken by someone else on occasions. Years ago, a .com domain name that we didn’t think we needed and later wanted was taken by another business. It was later dropped and taken up by a squatter who offered it for tens of thousands of dollars. It is still available today for sale by minimum offers over $US4950.

Register Your Domain Name

The .au domain names will be available some time in 2020. While you can’t register them yet, you can register or other third level domain names to give you preference when the application period commences.

If you don’t have a third level domain name, you can register a name with us through our Rubidyn website today.