Redcliffe local food businesses COVID-19 offer

With the pressures on local businesses due to the unprecedented restrictions being enforced for COVID-19 Corona Virus, Moreton Bay Websites is offering Redcliffe Peninsula cafes and restaurants no setup fee to get their online ordering system up and running.
Worried about setting up a new system when we don't know what new restrictions could be coming? We can talk about this scenario and any other concerns you have also. Contact Moreton Bay Websites to find out more.

How to set your Facebook Shop Now button to your WooCommerce Shop

Having customers on your Facebook page is great, getting them to your online WooCommerce shop is better. How do you create the Shop Now button on Facebook to open your store website?

The Call-To-Action button on Facebook is the ideal place to direct customers to your shop page. The steps are simple enough that anyone can do it, as long as you are an Admin of the Facebook page.

How do you know if you are an Admin? When you visit the Facebook page, there will be a white administration menu bar across the top, just under the blue Facebook title bar. It will have options such as Page, Ad Centre, Inbox, Manage jobs, and other features available to an Admin.

Facebook Admin user menu bar displayed

The part we are interested in is under the cover photo, a blue button on the right hand side. The Facebook Call-To-Action button is where you can get customers to take an action, where we will create the Shop Now button.

Facebook page for Rubidyn showing the + Add a Button to add a Call to action button

The button is “+ Add a Button” unless it has been set to something already. If it has been set before, changing it is the same as setting it.

Click on + Add a Button and the first of two steps is displayed:

Facebook Add a Button Step 1, Shop with you and Shop Now options selected

Click on “Shop with you” option and two options appear underneath it. Click the Shop Now option and click on Next for Step 2.

Facebook Add a Button Step 2, Website link option selected asking for the website link

For Step 2, click on the “Website link” and a box appears to enter the website the Facebook button will open when a customer clicks on it. This is the website address in your browser when you are on the web page you want the button to go to.

Copy the website address from the browser address bar and paste it into the box opened in Facebook. The screenshot above has a link to

Facebook Add a Button Final Review

Click Save and a preview is displayed for the final review. Click on the Finish button and the Shop Now button will be active on your Facebook page.

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