Redcliffe local food businesses COVID-19 offer

With the pressures on local businesses due to the unprecedented restrictions being enforced for COVID-19 Corona Virus, Moreton Bay Websites is offering Redcliffe Peninsula cafes and restaurants no setup fee to get their online ordering system up and running.
Worried about setting up a new system when we don't know what new restrictions could be coming? We can talk about this scenario and any other concerns you have also. Contact Moreton Bay Websites to find out more.


Include promotion logic into your menu with offers to your customers.

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  3. One Page Checkout
  4. Real-time Confirmation
  5. Customer Benefits
  6. Online Payments
  7. Promotions
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Online Promotion Ordering

Promotions entice the customer to spend more on their order. Your online ordering system includes a number of promotion deal types to encourage and reward your customers.

Promotions can conditionally be applied or available only with the use of a coupon code, available on select days of the week or during a promotion period such as the summer months.

Deals include:

  • % discount or fixed discount on whole order, usually with a minimum ordering value
  • % discount on selected items such as 30% off dessert
  • Free delivery for orders over a certain value
  • Buy one, get one free, set across the menu or select categories
  • Free item with orders over a certain value

Promotions can highlight themselves when a customer is ordering. For example, if they order one part of a promotion deal, they can be notified they can get the deal by selecting more.

Online Promotion Hints to the Customer

You can set a number of rules and restrictions to control when promotions are shown to customers.

Promotion Rules and Restrictions