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Customer Benefits

Your customers will love the convenience of online ordering, no busy phone line, less time waiting, and no follow-up calls.

  1. Online Menu
  2. Choices and Add-ons
  3. One Page Checkout
  4. Real-time Confirmation
  5. Customer Benefits
  6. Online Payments
  7. Promotions
  8. Advanced Promotions
  9. Inquiry for Online Ordering System
Online order confirmed, Sara loves it

The ordering process is easier for customers with the menu at their fingertips.

Eliminate order errors ensuring greater satisfaction with your customers. You won’t be asking “I’m sorry, could you repeat that?”.

Customers select what they want and change their order if they change their mind while ordering.

It is easier for a customer to read the order summary than to listen to the order being read back to them, especially with large orders. Getting the order right ensures customer satisfaction is maintained.