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Menu Choices and Addons

The menu in the online ordering system includes one or more choices and addons to include with the menu items.

Online Ordering System Overview

  1. Online Menu
  2. Choices and Add-ons
  3. One Page Checkout
  4. Real-time Confirmation
  5. Customer Benefits
  6. Online Payments
  7. Promotions
  8. Advanced Promotions
  9. Inquiry for Online Ordering System

Online ordering system with menu item extras for pizza toppings

Addons are an optional extra that could be toppings for a pizza with a price set for each topping. Some toppings can be free, some a little bit more, and others have a premium price to get the best value from the order.

Choices are usually mandatory selections, such as choosing thin or deep pan crust. It could also be used to make a selection of a can of soft-drink to choose a Coke, Lemonade or Sarsaparilla to be included in a lunch special for Burger, Fries and a drink.