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Is Your Website Mobile Ready?

Mobile Friendly Test Results, page is not mobile friendly

A website can be the first impression prospective customers have for a business. With the majority of website browsing on the internet being from mobile devices, it is critical the website works well on them.

What is Mobile Ready?

A mobile ready website is simply a website that works well on a smaller size screen like those in mobile phones. The page should scroll up and down to interact with the website, such as seeing all of the content and accessing the menus. The size of the text and images should be legible.

If you have to scroll the page left and right or zoom in because the text is too small to easily read, the website is not mobile ready and could turn potential customers away.

If your website was created more than 5 years ago, then it may be using old-school techniques, rather than be designed for responsive mobile phone use. Your website could end up turning away prospective customers with poor user experience.

Designing a website to be mobile-friendly ensures the web pages will work on all devices, including desktop, tablets, and mobile phones.

Responsive Website

Responsive web design has been around since 2004 but wasn’t mainstream until much later. As mobile phones became mainstream, the importance of responsive web design became a priority. Especially when other techniques such as maintaining separate websites for desktop and mobile proved to be more expensive.

Responsive websites change the way they look when viewed from different size screens. Modern browsers change automatically to what is best suited for the size of the display, including when a desktop browser is resized to half the screen or smaller. They respond to different sizes.

Because a responsive website works for any size screen, there is no need to maintain different versions of the website for different displays, saving time and cost to create and update them.

Test Your Website for Mobile-Friendly

If you are not sure if your website is mobile ready, the easiest way to check is to use Google’s own mobile-friendly test.

The test is easy to use and provides a simple diagnosis to tell you if your website is suitable for mobile devices. Enter the domain name of your website and click the Test URL button.

WordPress Hosting Packages

Moreton Bay Websites has a range of WordPress Hosting Packages to get a new responsive website for your business. The pages are responsive and font sizes are legible on smaller devices such as mobile phones.

The WordPress Hosting Starter Package is the most economical to get your new website going and be as friendly to your potential customers finding you on mobile devices as those who find you on a desktop browser.