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wpDataTables Add-on

wpDataTables is a table designer for WordPress, which makes working with tables, charts, and data management easier. It allows you to quickly build and insert interactive tables with filtering, sorting, pagination and more. Tables can be simple data representations, detailed database-stored tables, or SQL defined queries for reporting data.

Tables go beyond simple tables to display on the page. Where wpDataTables begins to shine is how it can present table data and bring in the data from other sources in the database. The data can then be used to create reports and representations of information that would otherwise be difficult or impossible. Moreton Bay Websites can create and maintain tables for you, from simple tables to complex tables and queries.

Advanced tables usually require wpDataTables Premium. When purchasing the Starter, Business, or Professional levels of the add-on, wpDataTables Premium is included on your WordPress Hosting Package. Premium enables MySQL-query based tables, view tables based on Google Spreadsheet files, manually created database tables, table filtering, and more.

If you prefer to use your own license, you can purchase wpDataTables Premium and we can activate it for you.

Free features for simple table needs
$0per month
$0 Setup
wpDataTables Free
plugin updates
* setup is free if a table is being added
Update To Pro
Professional features for advanced tables
$8per month
$150 Setup
wpDataTables Premium
1 x table setup *
1 x monthly maint. *
plugin updates
5% off additional tables
Professional features with more complex tables
$27per month
$280 Setup
wpDataTables Premium
4 x table setup *
4 x monthly maint. *
plugin updates
10% off additional tables and maint
Best Value
Professional features with multiple complex tables
$64per month
$550 Setup
wpDataTables Premium
10 x table setup *
10 x monthly maint. *
plugin updates
25% off additional tables and maint

Adding Tables

Tables added or updated are $80.

Starter, Business, and Professional include discounts on the creation of additional tables.

Table Maintenance

Maintenance of $8 per month ensures any updates needed on the tables are included. Without maintenance, the updating of tables is the same price as adding a table, based on the number of fields altered.

Business and Professional include discounts on maintenance of additional tables.

Table Units

A table is made up of up to 30 table units. A table unit is an element of the table that makes up its functionality. For the most part, a table unit is one field on the table, including fields that are displayed and hidden. Other types of table units are advanced features configured for the table.

Table Record Data Merge

Tables defined in wpDataTables can be merged into page content to produce template-based documents. Moreton Bay Websites Tools, a free plugin included with all our WordPress Hosting Packages, includes features for pulling information from a table record and inserting it into the page.

Table Record Data Merge is an additional service.