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Fluent Forms Add-on

Fluent Forms is a form designer for WordPress, the free version is included with Moreton Bay Website’s WordPress Hosting Packages. Moreton Bay Websites can create and maintain forms for you, from simple forms to complex questionnaires.

Simple forms on a page are included as part of the cost when creating a page and included in the standard Contact Us page on your website. More advanced forms can be created with the included and free form designer, including multi-step forms, conditional logic to hide or reveal sections based on entered values, and a variety of input field types.

So why pay more for a forms feature that is already included? When a form needs more advanced features or includes more than a few fields, the Fluent Forms Pro features of the Fluent Forms Add-on comes into play.

Selecting Starter, Business, or Professional levels of the add-on to suit your business needs, Fluent Forms Pro enables advanced features.

Free features simple form needs
$per month
$0 Setup
Fluent Forms Free
plugin updates
Update To Pro
Professional features for advanced forms
$7per month
$140 Setup
Fluent Forms Pro
1 x form setup *
1 x monthly maint. *
plugin updates
5% off additional forms
Professional features with more enquiry and landing page forms
$23per month
$250 Setup
Setup of Fluent Forms
4 x form setup *
4 x monthly maint. *
plugin updates
10% off additional forms and maint
Best Value
Professional features with multiple forms and long multi-part forms
$55per month
$450 Setup
Setup of Fluent Forms
10 x forms setup *
10 x monthly maint. *
plugin updates
25% off additional forms and maint

Adding Forms

Forms added or updated are $70.

Form Maintenance

Maintenance of $7 per month ensures any updates needed on the form are included. Without maintenance, the updating of forms is the same price as adding a form, based on the number of fields altered.

Form Units

A form is made up of up to 30 form units. A form unit is an element of the form that makes up its functionality. For the most part, an input unit is one field on the form. Other types of form units are email notifications, integration to other systems such as HubSpot or Slack